Hiring a jazz band in Dubai just got better with Nora Entertainments. If you are looking forward to add a dash of spice in your life or live event, reception or party, it is the jazz bands that you are after. Remember that our bands will make you sway to the beat, singing and dancing on the floor having a gala time. Your party or reception will swing with the sound of the saxophone, drums and piano jamming it all into a single punch. If you are keen on hiring live jazz music, we have all the jazz ensembles and bands you need.


Our live jazz entertainment roster is filled with groups that are made available to cater to your special event, wedding reception or corporate affair. A one stop shop for your event servicing needs, we combine the efficiency of the web with a personal touch of that of being your event planner. Whether it is any type of social event you are catering to, we make your event come alive by striking the right beats. If you are after the wow factor, we will offer you an experience worth being remembered.

We provide a variety of styles that suit your event and our bands act as the ideal setting for dancing, music or relaxed jazz while dining at your private table. Take a moment to listen to the jazz band and find what takes your fancy. Booking is simplified as much as possible. Select your preferred genre or the type of action you want from our list. You can hear any act upon your choosing or carry on to the profile page of the act to view more details. Send us an inquiry in our mail id and we will let you know about the band and their details.

Jazz ensembles and bands are generally made of a section of rhythm that can comprise bass, guitar, drums and piano. There is also a horn section comprising of saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet or flute. Smaller jazz combinations like quartets or jazz trios. They are also available in different combinations which can involve trumpets, bass, drums, guitar and other instruments. Nora Entertainments makes all the arrangements to make your event a successful one. The company has a lot of options in terms of jazz bands in the whole of UAE. Make your corporate event, concert venue or wedding a success with our help today.

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